User Guide to EZY Bus Service

• The Bus service operates to a timetable which is available on another tab.

• Typically buses run between every 5 to 10 minutes from the car park during the day but can be up to 20 mins apart.

• Drivers have been instructed for health and safety to only stop at bus stops, which designated as safe places.

• For safety the airport has strict guidelines that must be adhered to and has stated we can only collect or drop passengers between the barriers at H89 reception, not before or after.

• Please do not stand forward of the racking on the buses for your own safety.

• Please do not distract the driver from focusing on the road ahead.

• Four buses run in peak to the Hangar during the week and two at the weekend. Weekend buses will therefore be further apart.

• For lost property, contact or call our Bus Duty Manager 07795011301